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Are you looking for the best space heater for boat?

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Here are some good space heaters for your boat that will keep you toasty. Boat heaters are needed to keep your pipes defrosted and your cabin heated. Below are a space heaters for a variety of uses.

When heating your boat, please be aware that heaters that have a glowing red coils are not a good choice for an unattended boat as they can cause a fire if they come to close to flammable objects or tip over. Be sure to secure  your heater to keep it from moving around.

Optimus H-6003 Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater, Mini Perfect for a small bedroom as on my boat where everything has to be small. This heater is tiny so I did not expect it to put out much heat. It would not heat a large room, but it does a wonderful job on a medium cabin. Since it does not have a fan it is quiet. So far I have not had to turn the heat setting past medium. I run the heater continuously and it keeps the room at a level heater for boat



Broan-NuTone (6201) Big Heat HeaterThe name is 100% correct on this one. The heater is small but mighty. We ordered this when the temps dropped to below 5 degrees. Our apartment is horribly insulated and the central heat was barely keeping our living room at 60 degrees. This little monster kicked in and helps to hold the temp at heater for boat








Caframo True North Deluxe 9206 120VAC High Performance Space Heater"This manufacture makes heaters for West Marine – which I have 3 of. When I was in need of another (new travel trailer) I found getting them direct was cheaper than West Marines’ price. They have as many features on a portable heater as your going to find. I like the fact they lay prone. No chance of kicking them over. I trust them to stay on unattended in my boat and beach cabin as well."
space heater for boat



Caframo Pali Engine Compartment Heater

Saved my engine from damage after a low spring frost after I summarized. I mounted base to a cedar 1x6 that placed it heater down in my engine compartment and held in place by engine compartment lid. Senses temp and turns on automatically.

space heater for boat











$3 Boat Heater
Here's a great idea for a boat heater to use when you'll be on your boat and able to keep a close watch on your heat source. This one uses candles to heat the cabin. Check it out!


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